What is small penis humiliation?

In BDSM, there are many ways for people to turn others on. The concept is expansive, and there are thousands of fetishes in existence. In female domination and other types of BDSM, small penis humiliation is one of the ways that dominants can fulfill their submissive’s wants and needs for humiliation. In many cases, men adore their cocks and look at them as a treasured possession. While they are treated as the most precious thing in the world by many, for people who love humiliation, it can be a spot where Dominants focus. Many men get hard at the thought of being made fun of for their tiny dick, regardless of whether their dick is actually tiny or not. This can be done in multiple mediums, including BDSM Skype sessions, BDSM on webcam, BDSM pornography, and more.

What Is Small Penis Humiliation?

Small penis humiliation capitalizes on a person’s desire to be the focal point of attention in more humiliating ways. In some cases, the person who has their dick shamed quickly gets hard, and in other cases, their limp penis is also a focus of the humiliation. For people who have a small dick fetish, there are numerous other kinks that overlap with it. This can include general humiliation, cuckolding, and more.

Small Penis Humiliation – Techniques & Ideas

One of the most common ways that people experience small penis humiliation is through verbal degradation. This can include laughter, comments, insults, putdowns, and more. Tiny dick, clit dick, small penis, maggot cock, and others are all options, and there are thousands of others. In some cases, the people being humiliated want to be reduced to tears. Some female dominatrix personalities are happy to do so.

In some cases, the humiliation is mixed with degradation and other types of power exchange. This can include sissification, ruined orgasms, orgasm control, CBT, and more.

Small Objects

Another technique that people can use is comparing a person’s penis to small objects. This can include things like AAA batteries, small carrots, French fries, a pinky finger, a pencil, and anything else that is small. Sometimes, stubby things can also add to the effect. A FemDom babe or another person will sometimes hold these up against your tiny dick to illustrate how small it is if you are the person who is bottoming. The bottom is generally a person who is receiving an action of a top, who is the dominating personality in most circumstances.

Cock Measuring

Measuring a cock with a ruler and giving the measurement is another way for people to have fun with small penis humiliation. For people with larger dicks to enjoy being made fun of for having a smaller penis, the measurement does not even have to be accurate. Sometimes people with larger cocks also enjoy having the penis compared to another, imaginary larger cock in existence. There is a wide range of strategies people utilize with small dick humiliation.

A person’s expression is also part of the BDSM scene. A BDSM scene is a roleplay scenario where people are participating in kinky activities. In kinks, this can include a small cock humiliation. The way a person smiles and laughs that the bottoms penis can be a turn on, especially when combined with things like wiggling a pinky finger and comparing the size.

Another Way To Measure

There are also other ways that people can express how small a person’s dick is. This includes holding their forefinger and their thumb close together, demonstrating how small the penis is. The tiny gap represents the length of the dicks, and when combined with expressions like squinting and laughing, the person taking the humiliation knows that their dick does not measure up.

In Combination With Chastity

When a penis is put into chastity, there can be multiple reasons. Sometimes the dominant enjoys making them wait and building up larger amounts of semen and horniness as they do. Taunting and teasing them about not being able to fuck and how horny they will be can be a turn-on for both them when a person is put in chastity. Sometimes, when degradation is also involved, a person consents to be put into chastity as a part of roleplay were other taboo things happen as well. Their tiny penis is often stated to be ‘not capable of a woman’s pleasure’ in this type of roleplay BDSM scene. Some women will also talk about how they do not have to suffer the nausea that comes with seeing a tiny dick since it is covered up in the chastity device.

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Cuckolding Dreams

Since the bottom is “not big enough, to satisfy their woman, she goes to a real man with a bigger dick to get her off. People who have tiny cock fetishes find that having this rubbed in their face during roleplay brings in a sense of enjoyment. Cruel women are sometimes part of the fantasy, and other elements can also be added. Sometimes the guy will want to drink the cum of the other guy in a roleplay scene, adding even more humiliation to the mix. Watching her have sexual fun with a “real man” is one of many common ways to experience a tiny penis fetish.

Final Notes

There are other ways that people experience tiny penis fetishes as well, including having a ribbon tied around their penis, using modified tweezers to masturbate, being shown pictures of large cocks, and having them compare the size, and others. Some dominants will also have you tell them how small your penises from your own mouth, with the bottom admitting to a gorgeous woman or other man what a tiny penis they have. Also, in threesome roleplay and scenes, another person may jump in and be part of the engagement. Small pamphlets on tiny dicks, making a person do an Internet search of what women and men think of small penises, calling consenting friends and telling them what a tiny penis you have with you in the same room, comparing your dick to a dildo, and watching the dominant masturbate while telling you that you do not measure up, these are all additional ways to experience the fantasy. There are many others, and the women on this website are experienced in a wide range of fetishes and fantasies. Enjoy exploring your kinks and getting off to them here.

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