Are You A Stag Cuckold?

People are all about labels, which can be fantastic for accurately communicating what you want, what you are looking for, and who you are. One term that people are often asking about on UnderHerHeel is stag cuckold. The word cuckold has been around for a very long time and has changed over time as well. As the word has evolved, additional types of cuckolds have come into existence in different ways. It's not that many types of cuckolds weren't there before; it's that they were all clumped into one category.

Some men who desire their women to sleep with someone else think the desire they have to watch their partner have sex with other people is either partially shameful, inappropriate, weak and other descriptors can also come up. While it is true that some people who consider themselves to be cuckolds or want to be cuckolds have some minor shades of humiliation, submissiveness, jealousy, and like sexual denial, there is more to being a cuckold than this. Each of these things has the potential to create sexual power differentials. There is a sense of masochistic shame that can come from these differentials, and with cuckolding, it can speak out in men, which can be sexually arousing in perverse ways for them.

It is essential to take note that everything about cuckolding is consensual. People should understand that not everyone has shamefulness, submissiveness, jealousy, denial, or humiliation attached to their cuckolding. In many ways, society does not understand this due to the judgmental tendencies and ignorance that people can have regarding sex and sexuality.

If You Think You Might Be A Cuckold

If you feel that you might be a cuckold, know that there is a long spectrum of descriptors within the category. What you're feeling is natural, and many people around the world have similar fantasies as you. For many, the cuckolding fantasy is rooted in empowerment for all genders involved. There is a home for these feelings and the many other reasons that people decide that they are a cuckold. To help navigate that spectrum, the women at UnderHerHeel provide all types of XXX chats. You can explore sex and sexuality here in a non-judgmental and welcoming environment. Whether you are looking for erotic conversation, entertaining stories, or education, UnderHerHeel has hundreds of women online now that can assist you. One of the types of cuckolds out there is a stag.

What Is A Stag?

Many of the terms that used to be gendered are being claimed for all genders, and rightfully so. While traditionally the word has been used to describe a straight man that shares his wife or girlfriend sexually with other men, one partner in a set of lesbians can also be a stag, for example. If a person derives pleasure from watching their wife, girlfriend, or partner get sexually aroused, the person could be considered a stag. The term is stag hotwife for people who get their pleasure solely from watching their partner's arousal in this fashion. There are a few different ways that a person can be a stag. For the purposes of this article, we are going to talk about a man being the cuckold and his wife or girlfriend being the hotwife.

How Does Stag Hotwifing Happen

There are a few different ways someone can be a stag. If a couple brings in another man or multiple men to pleasure a person’s wife, girlfriend, or partner, the stag can either actively join in, or they can passively watch as a voyeur. Both of these things count for being a stag. Cuckolding, however, involves the stag watching while not having sex with the hotwife, at least for a portion of the interaction. There are many ways a person can be a stag. Another can be as the stag overtly or covertly watches or listens to his partner play with other men. Examples include the women being in the room next door, in the same room as the stag, or listening to the sounds over the phone when the hotwife goes to another place.

A third way a person can be a stag involves the wife, girlfriend, or partner recounting the details of her adventures with other men to the stag after the fact. This can involve storytelling, though there are other ways a hotwife can communicate that these things have happened. For some stags, the hotwife will let them fuck them after they get home from their fun with other men. Others prefer to jump right in and tell their partner about it straightaway.

The main priority in a stag cuckolding relationship is the main relationship, and the relationship set up is not to be taken too seriously. A stag does not seek out other women in return and is focused on his partner's pleasure. The pleasure he gets from seeing and experiencing her get pleasure is a central focus of the relationship.

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What About The Humiliation Roleplay?

There is a difference between the many types of cuckolding that are out there. Being a stag hotwife and doing this type of cuckolding has no humiliation and no attempted displays of dominance. The stag is generally confident and secure enough to share his woman without sacrificing his masculinity. Communication is essential in this type of relationship.

For people who have stag fantasies, the ladies on UnderHerHeel provide couples cam shows. After browsing the site which features thousands of the hottest women online, send a private message or note to those you are interested in roleplaying with or experiencing cuckolding with. While, in most cases, there are no creampie cleanups in stag cuckolding, it is essential to note that people sometimes do things in their own way. This is why communication is an essential part of the process.

Are You A Stag Cuckold?

If you are curious about whether or not you could be a stag cuckold, UnderHerHeel provides many tools and options for exploring. You can learn more by doing roleplay here UnderHerHeel too, watching people have sex with others, imagining they are your wife, and chatting with people on the site to get more information about their experiences. As people learn more about sex and sexuality, they can better make educated decisions on what turns them on, how they want their relationship structured to be, and more.

Keep in mind that while you may have cuckolding fantasies, your partner might not. Expressing your desires with your partner can require tact, and you can practice on UnderHerHeel through roleplay. When it comes to stag cuckolding, the vixen does ‘belong’ to the stag and generally can only be borrowed by a third party. It is not a form of polyamory. If you are curious about being a cuckold, get in touch with one of the thousands of gorgeous sex cam vixens on UnderHerHeel and start exploring today.

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