What Is a Little?

In the kink world, people can find many different identities, dynamics, roles, and types of play. There is a vast amount to explore, and as people gain more experience, they find the roles, labels, and identities that fit them the most. One of the terms that people can come across is the term “little.” A person who has this title is most often a submissive, though sometimes they can be a dominating little instead. In most cases, however, there is a submission thread through their actions. This can be part of a BDSM scene, within their personal mindset, or as part of their occasional identity. There are many types of Littles, though most people tend to identify with a particular age. Sometimes they alter their appearance, mannerisms, and mindset to fit the age they have selected.

In many cases, the little has a specific age they identify the most with. Littles can come in many sizes, shapes, races, ethnicities, genders, sexes, and mindsets. While each little is different, they have many similarities regardless of the personalities and mindsets they have when they are in little mode.

What Is A Little?

Littles are consensual adults of legal age. They often adopt the mannerisms of people who are lower in age than themselves, in some cases roleplaying a personality that is below 18. This is roleplay, however, and this type of roleplay opens up a wide range of options. To people who are in this type of roleplay, there are often two parts to the dynamic. The first is a 'caregiver,' and the second is a little. Often referred to as age play, this is legal play between two consenting adults.

There are two general categories when it comes to Littles, which are age players and lifestylers. Age players do roleplay and are only little during certain times, with certain people, and with very specific purposes at play. Age play most often does not have sex of any kind, though some relationships do have sexual interactions as part of the roleplay. Being a little is either something age players pretend to be during certain times or something the person has parts of all the time.

Lifestyler's have elements of being a little all the time, even in their daily lives. While they understand that their little personality can come out more in some places than others, it is still a part of their core personality. This differentiates from age players as they do not slip in and out of their role at their discretion.

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Types of Littles 

One type of little is the adult baby. These consenting adults are most often exhibiting the behaviors of a person in the first to years of their life. They sometimes roleplay as an adult acting like this age, though in some cases, the roleplay involves emotionally regressing back to their “baby space.” For people who emotionally regress, the desired state of mind becomes an element of roleplay. Within this roleplay, there is often a desire to dress, behave, and be treated as if they are within this age range.

Little roleplay can include having their most basic needs provided for, which can include food, shelter, warmth, cleanliness, and love. Adult babies are considered submissive because they receive the sensation of well-being, but the power exchange is much more about providing the needs of the adult baby.

Another category of little is the diaper lover. While there is an overlap with adult babies, there are often differences. Some mental, emotional, and behavioral traits are similar, though diaper lover scenes can be different. In many cases, these scenes are highly sexualized and considered aspects of BDSM. The wearing of a diaper is often a large part of the appeal for people going into little mode in this way.

There is also a category specifically called Littles, which can move the age range up to eleven years. There can be different categorizations within the little roleplay age ranges here, including upper and lower. Little space can range from being very exaggerated and extended to more quiet calm. Each little has their own personality and experiences, which is very important. Scenes in a person’s “little space” are almost all nonsexual. Some sexualized scenes can also happen, however, all within the roleplay realm.

Middles move from the higher point of the littles age range up to 18 years of age. The combinations of mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual elements can increase. Some people in this category roleplay for specific periods, while others have more longer-term elements of their middle personality in life. Many middles are extremely sexual, and in some cases, they are older. In scenes with their top, big, or caregiver, usually the person who is older in the roleplay is the top in the power exchange. Many middles are in D/s relationships, though some switch with their caregiver. Middles are also more likely to enjoy sadism and masochism in comparison to other types of Littles.

Exploring Different Types Of Little Relationships

There are many people on UnderHerHeel to explore little relationships with. While most people on the website are Dominant females looking to explore with their fans, there are also some submissives here too. With the many of resources on UnderHerHeel, you can find people looking for the same types of fun you are. Exploring virtually can be a fantastic way to learn more about your sexuality. If you are curious about being a little, take a look at the blogs and other resources on UnderHerHeel. Hundreds of women are available online at any given point, including Littles of all of the types described here. Enjoy everything you are looking for and more with the many tools, resources, perks, and website features.

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