Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

When people are first getting to BDSM, particularly cuckolding, there are multiple levels at which an introduction can be made. In most cases, people recommend getting warmed up and moving slowly into different types of experiences and scenarios. Many people have fantasies and fetishes related to the exchanging of power within relationship dynamics, and many also have humiliation fantasies and fetishes as well. To some, this may seem like it is counterproductive, but there is a larger percentage of people who are into this than most are aware of.

Who Is The List For?

This list is for people who are interested in cuckold sex and fantasies, including roleplay sessions with a Mistress online. If you have found yourself watching porn that involves humiliation or fantasizing about being pinned down or being powerless in a situation where you are being made fun of, this list could be for you. This list has also been put together for people who are interested in learning more about the options they have as a Dominant person. If you are interested in humiliation, cuckold, or BDSM in general, there are plenty of ideas here that can help inspire more robust and fun kink playtime.

Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

The top spots to find cuckold sessions with the hottest women are right here. These babes know what to do, and going to sessions with an idea of what you are fantasizing about is a fantastic plan. Here are some mild cuckold humiliation ideas that feature BDSM and having fun.

Listening To Her Session Descriptions

Sometimes Mistresses do not mind giving some description of the sessions they have given, and if this is the case, you can take advantage in your own sessions. Listening to the mind-blowing sex she is having with other people can be perfect for sadistic satisfaction and desires you are having. You can listen to her talk about how big the guy dick is, get descriptions of her giving him a blowjob, and more. Things can get pretty detailed, and this is a fantastic thing to talk about Mistresses in Skype sessions about if it fits with your fantasy desires.

With Another

Watching a Mistress get it on with another person, whether male or female, is a fantasy that many people have. Particularly cuckolders, who are all about watching the sex partners or Mistresses are having. Mistresses sometimes give descriptions of the actions instead of doing it on camera, but you can also find many who are into cuckold humiliation and domination through letting people watch them have sex with other people.

Having You Help

When a Mistress or partner is getting ready for a date, you can also get ready. Knowing that you’re getting them all dressed up to go meet a sexy partner and get it on with them can be both simple and effective in letting you know your status.

Buy Her Clothing

Purchasing your partner or Mistress clothing that she can wear when she is going out on a date or fulfilling her sexual fantasies with other men can be another element to sex and sexuality for cuckolds to enjoy. This subtle humiliation style allows the cuckolds to imagine the experience they will be having better. The guy or girl she is having sex with, he or she gets to run their hands over the panties, remove the clothing, and fuck your babe or Mistress.

Some Simple Things

There are simple things that fall into the mild humiliation category for cuckold as well, such as ignoring you while she is on the phone with her boyfriend or another person. Sometimes you may even get to watch private sessions with other people who have turn-ons that line up with yours. They get the satisfaction of you watching, and you get the satisfaction of watching your babe get fucked by a real man. This can also be accomplished by listening to her have phone sex with another person. Both activities are something that you can do in the privacy of your own home, as are Skype BDSM cuckold sessions. Each of these more simple things can be milder or more taboo, depending on if you are interested in flirting or full-on details. One of the top things about Skype cuckold sessions with Mistresses is the flexibility that they have. You will have communication with your new sex friends before sessions begin, allowing you to experience your fantasies and fetishes in a way that respects your boundaries.

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Sucking A Strap-on

Your partner or Mistress could also have you purchase a strap-on or a dildo and have you worship and suck on her big cock. With commands for you to get on your knees, this can be done over cam as well. Add in a little bit of mocking for the humiliation, talking about shortcomings, and expressing how much bigger her dick is than yours can add to the experience. After conversation, she may have you take a strap-on or the dildo you have in your ass as she mimics fucking you with it. These interactions involve conversation and could sometimes involve ass training as you work up to the cock size desired.


Sissification is another cuckolding strategy, where you may be commanded to put on panties, wear makeup, be put into chastity, and more. In some cases, this is also combined with sucking on her dildo to ‘get her hard’ before fucking another beautiful babe.

Submissive Males

Some submissive males who fantasize about cuckolding also fantasize about BDSM relationships. Roleplay with a cruel wife role or a cruel girlfriend role can cater to these fantasies.

Real Life Experiences

While there are tons of real-life experiences you can enjoy, some are available for you and your partner if you are curious or interested in cuckold fantasies. A woman may ask her partner, for example, to shave her pussy before going out at night and not tell you why she is doing so. Whenever you are working on adding alternative sexuality to your relationship, make sure to set up solid communication, jealousy management, and make sure both people are on board with the things that are happening or could happen over the course of the relationship.

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