Stages Of Being A Wannabe Cuck

Cuckolding is a fantastic experience and one that people around the world enjoy. When it comes to becoming a cuckold, there is a progression that most men follow. With four parts, the progression tends to start slowly. At first, the signs seem relatively imperceptible. Over time, they grow, and a person will continue to have thoughts of their wife or partner having sex with other people. While many people follow these four steps, some skip a step or two, and others follow a completely different path altogether. By understanding these stages, however, there are benefits. Take some time to identify your own journey, finding where you are in the process and learning how to take the next steps.

Stages Of Being A Wannabe Cuckold

The first starting points for people who are wannabe cuckolds are awareness-related. The awareness starts with knowing that cuckolding is an option. Most people get their first knowledge of its existence in erotica, pornography, or mainstream movies. The sex scenes involving cuckolding are incredibly hot. This exposure to cuckolding may result in people realizing that they get sexually aroused by the idea of their wife sleeping with another man.

Over time, this changes to stronger thoughts of their wife sleeping with another man. Some people get awareness from other places, such as meeting people who are swingers, hotwife’s, cuckolds, or other people interested in casual sex. Through research on UnderHerHeel and other places, they learn more about the possibilities.

Another aspect of awareness is realizing that other people have similar turn-ons. People start asking themselves questions, sometimes feeling that there is something wrong with them for their fantasies. Being aware that other people have similar fantasies and turn-ons is essential to becoming a cuckold or wanting to try it.

Asking Questions

There are many questions people ask, and asking them can have massive benefits. Some people are wondering why the idea of cuckolding turns them on. Others are curious about what it means. Other questions involve people’s relationships. They're curious whether their love for their partner has been affected if they want to see them with another person. Some question the normalcy of the thoughts and think about whether it is just a passing fantasy. You may be curious about whether or not you actually want someone to sleep with your wife. Asking these questions is an essential part of the process. In many situations, the next step is interest.

Finding More Interest In Cuckolding

If you are curious about being a cuckold after asking yourself questions and becoming aware that it exists, you have identified interest. At this point in the process, some people start thinking about whether cuckolding could be a reality for them. Some people need to take time to come to grips with having this type of fantasy. Some men postpone following through on their fantasies by deflection through education.

Other people seek self-understanding through education. One of the best ways to educate yourself about cuckolding is by talking to people who have been doing it. Many have experienced cuckolding, and hundreds of them are on the UnderHerHeel website. The women on this site can explain why it turns them on, what steps they took to do it successfully, and more.

UnderHerHeel is also a fantastic place to get tangential gratification. Roleplay of cuckolding is common on the UnderHerHeel website. Both free cuckold cam shows and private cuckold sex cam shows are found. Utilizing third-party people like the gorgeous XXX cam vixens here is an excellent way to explore fantasies and fetishes safely. Before communicating with your partner about your fetish, take some time to confirm it is one you have and something you would like to explore. If it is, contemplate talking with your partner about it.

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Contemplating Cuckolding With Your Partner

Once you start thinking about moving forward with your cuckold fantasies, you may start to crave the actual occurrence of the fantasy within your relationship. There is a difference between simply imagining the fantasy being acted out and actually desiring a fantasy to happen.

People who are contemplating are aware of the benefits of this type of sexual gratification and become even more aware of others having the same fantasies and living them. People in this stage often contemplate bringing up the idea to their wife, girlfriend, or partner, though they haven’t quite decided whether or not they want to open up the possibility. There can be hesitation for many reasons, but once they have decided to move forward, they arrive at the last stage of becoming a cuckold.

Cuckolding - The Pursuit

The final stage on a person’s journey to cuckolding is the pursuit. Here, there are a few different things that can happen. The first is they bring it up to their partner, and their partner agrees to give it a go. Many people find rewarding experiences and relationships from being a cuckold.

In some cases, they will bring it up to their partner, and their partner will need more time to research and think about it. There are also cases where people are told by their partner that they are not interested. While you may feel condemned at first, like you are not going to be able to live out your fantasy, you still do have options.

One of the options is utilizing sex camgirls at UnderHerHeel to do cuckolding roleplay. Many sex cam playmates on the website can be utilized in free XXX cam shows and private sex cam shows alike. Make sure to check back on UnderHerHeel and explore more blogs about cuckolding to keep learning. For some lucky people, their partners learn about their cuckold or hotwife fantasy, and they are willing to fantasize about it in bed, explore it in real life, or let you explore these fantasies with others. In any case, resources here are always available, and there are hundreds of gorgeous sex cam stars online at UnderHerHeel 24/7.

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