Forced into Panties

I cannot remember specifically which YouTube video I was watching, but there was a celebrity who was doing a lip-synch contest and was cross-dressed at the same time. This piqued my curiosity, particularly since I had had a curiosity for trying on my wife's panties at a few points in my life. It would have been convenient to do, but I still had felt a little bit awkward about it. This was the first time I had really experienced other people cross-dressing, and it took me a few minutes to jump over to my computer and do a search about it. Turns out, it is much more common than people think.

My wife and I had a pretty good sex life, averaging about 1 to 2 times per week. It was mostly the most common positions seen in porn, though occasionally we had sex in the shower as well. One time, we even tried to fuck on the kitchen table, though it was not the fantastic experience I had seen in XXX movies. Maybe with a little practice we could get better, but we never tried it again. Still, I showed my wife the clip, and used it to start up a conversation about how she felt about him wearing a woman’s clothes.

Her response was welcoming, with a simple statement of “If the clothes are on him are they really women’s clothes?” The debate was sparked, friendly and playful. This was my opening, and I decided to go for it.

“How would you feel about me wearing your panties?”

“Oh, babe. I don’t think they would fit.”

“I think they would, let’s wager on it.”

After wagering on who would do the dishes and cooking that night, we retreated to the bedroom. Trying them on, it was a close call. They were tight, but mostly because my cock would not fit inside of them. It was getting a little bit hard at the prospect of being in such cute underwear. My wife noticed and took a minute to let me know.

“It’s getting hard babe.”

The statement also turn me on, with it getting even harder in her panties. My cock definitely did not fit in the underwear, and was now completely sticking out of the side of it.

“I win,” she said. “Or maybe, we both win. You are sexy in those, but how about I slide them off?”

She did, and we went on to have sex. It was the next day when she returned from work with a gift. Much larger panties for me to try on. I did, and as she lightly rubbed my cock underneath them, which quickly got hard again. Sliding my panties over, she started sucking on my dick. It felt immaculate to have her lips over my cock while wearing the underwear. Sliding her panties off, she slid me inside of her. Still wearing the panties, the sex had an extra edge to it. When she called me a pretty boy, however, all bets were off. I immediately squirt my load inside her, orgasming harder than I had in a long time.

“Looks like we have a new hobby,” she said as she kissed my lips and laughed. I left back and told her how turned on I was about the prospect. Now, sometimes I even put stockings and high heel shoes on, and we have so much fun with it. Who knew that a simple online video could bring this type of new adventure into our lives. I am thankful.

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