Common Rules For The Dominant Wife

There are numerous types of roleplay scenarios, sexual relationships, and other types of relationships where power exchange is ingrained. This extends to female domination, one of the most popular and exciting things to explore. When it comes to FemDom relationships, whether they are more serious relationships with a partner or casual and regular interactions with a Mistress or Dominatrix online, rules and guidelines are often a big part of the relationship structure. For a dominant wife, these rules allow a submissive to demonstrate the woman’s dominance in a way that is communicated, consensual, and intense.

Locked Up And Interested

In FemDom interactions, some men need to be reeducated. In many cases, a step in this reeducation involves taking control of a man's sexual pleasure and allowing the women to control when and how orgasms happen. While not part of every FemDom relationship, this is a common part of a large percentage of them. There are many benefits to male chastity, both for the Mistress and the sub. Chastity can help make the male more focused on the woman’s needs. Many men wait for longer periods between orgasms to build into more intimate and intense experiences. Want to shoot your load harder than you ever have? Try staying horny for days before getting off.

In some FemDom relationships, the male will go quite a long time before having sexual release themselves. The larger focus on the woman’s needs when it comes to pleasure and other areas of life can help keep the relationship focused, providing happiness for everyone involved. As a Mistress, his orgasms are yours to give. As a submissive, the Dominant woman has your full attention as communicated. Communication is an important part of FemDom relationships. Discuss potential boundaries, triggers, and how the relationship dynamic will work. These things can be revisited as the relationship progresses.

What About Strap-ons

Strap-ons are a large part of FemDom relationships, and for some Mistresses and submissives, are necessary. Exploring anal sex has many benefits, though the psychological elements of being penetrated can be a large part of FemDom. Penetration can be seen as an act of dominance, so your partner or Mistress doing anal play is a display of power that is an essential part of domination for some. Strap-ons, over time, become normalized in your interactions. Anal training can continue well beyond this.

Utilizing anal sex and training as part of your FemDom interactions is another way to increase the awareness and attentiveness you have to your partner. Strap-on sex can also make many men more cooperative and more submissive over time. Mistresses love seeing a person’s submissive side come out for them. When it blossoms and grows, it is a beautiful thing. In addition to the benefits of submission, the male prostate has many nerve endings and can cause intense full-body orgasms. Using a strap-on is one of the top ways to experience this type of orgasm as a male, bringing a new and fantastic experience to their life. Many men prefer orgasms to happen while their prostate is being stimulated, providing another great for orgasm denial and edging for the Mistress.

Orgasming And Cleaning

In many FemDom relationships, Mistresses take full control over orgasm privileges. This control allows them to set some parameters and rules for the orgasms that do happen. As a Mistress, if you give your partner the privilege of having an orgasm, he cleans up the mess. Regardless of where the ejaculation happens, he will clean it up. In addition, there are sometimes other restrictions for orgasming, including the making sure that the Mistress comes before the sub does. This can be a source of erotic tension between two people, with teasing, edging, begging, and other excellent parts of the kinky fun shining through. There are many different ways a submissive may be required to clean, sometimes licking up their own cum with their mouth, other times using towels, and in some cases using other very specific protocols. Again, following the direction of the Mistress is essential.

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A Mistress Maintains Control

While there are always exceptions to rules and guidelines, a Mistress always stays in control. This is particularly notable when penetrative sex happens. If you crave sexual penetration, the Mistresses needs must still be maintained. This means you may still need to ask permission before having an orgasm, or the orgasm must be completed in a specific way. Some Mistresses require their submissive to send them pictures every time they get off, and there are many other ways a Mistress can maintain control over their submissive. For example, many Dominatrix women prefer riding on top or fucking doggy style while giving direction. In a position of power, the dominant wife gets sex however she wants it, and the submissive provides the pleasure as directed. Rules, guidelines, and boundaries are communicated in advance of the sexual fun, which many sex educators refer to as scene negotiation.

Many Submissive Men Wear Panties

At the direction of the FemDom, many subs are required to wear panties under their clothing. This helps keep their submission on their mind. In some cases, the feminization that comes from wearing panties is a turn-on for both the Mistress and the submissive. Sometimes wearing panties is the exception, and a sub or slave is not allowed to wear underwear of any kind unless granted permission. The Mistress can approve of a sub wearing specific types of underwear when asked respectfully, if they choose. Deciding what type of underwear the submissive can wear is also something that can be done in a short period, exerts dominance, and keeps the submissive attentive to the Mistress needs.

Will You Schedule Discipline?

There are two options when it comes to discipline. One is on an as-needed basis, and the other is with a weekly scheduled disciplinary session. Some Mistresses decide to add to a scheduled disciplinary session when their sub misbehaves. Others have regularly scheduled discipline time that stays consistent. These things can be mixed with as-needed discipline too. Some top sex educators recommend that disciplining happens once per week, hoping to discharge any brattiness that a submissive may be building up inside.

What About Cuckolding

Cuckolding is another way that females can dominate men. With consent and communication, many women decide to find another lover. This lover can be utilized as a form of humiliation roleplay. Many Mistresses do not participate in cuckolding experiences, as each person’s turn-on’s and boundaries are different. That said, whether it is through small penis humiliation, the use teasing, hotwife fun, or otherwise, cuckolding can be a big part of the domination experience and, for many, it is a rule that Mistresses will give to themselves. Cuckolding can also involve a person watching their Mistress have sex with others, which can be educational. Many men find themselves wanting to fuck their Mistress even more after watching her get it on with another person. This leads to more intense orgasms and a stronger desire for submission and cooperation with their Mistress.

Putting Everything Together

Putting everything together is important; as with any relationship, there needs to be balance. Words of affirmation are often part of the FemDom experience, in addition to sexual fun, attentiveness to the Mistress ' pleasure, punishments, and other aspects of the relationship. If you are in a relationship with your partner, make sure it is balanced in terms of positives, and there is communication about each person’s needs, wants, and desires. Some men can go for a year or longer without orgasm as part of a relationship structure. Other men will not consent to be in a relationship where they are not able to get off for over a year or more. Knowing each person’s boundaries, what they are looking for, and the guidelines in the relationship are essential to any long-term connections.

Virtual FemDom relationships are also popular and common, with many Dominatrix and Mistress women being found on UnderHerHeel. If you are not sure whether you are interested in a FemDom relationship, you can experience it at your own pace with a nonjudgmental and understanding FemDom Queen here.

If you are Mistress, keep in mind that it can take some time to properly and thoroughly educate and train a sub. Be clear with your expectations, wants, needs, and desires for the best results. If you have more than one submissive, make sure that they are each being communicated with properly and that you are aware of the differences in rules and protocol for each. Your pleasure is the priority, and the communication you have with your subs is the most important tool you have to achieve complete domination.

Final Notes

Rules, guidelines, and protocols are all part of FemDom relationships, and there is a lot of hardcore sex involved too sometimes. Step one is to find people on UnderHerHeel. Step two is people communicating their needs with each other, to find a match. Some Mistresses are more demanding than others. Finding an ideal match for you starts with research. UnderHerHeel has a wide selection of the best blogs, offering insight and tips as well as being a top way to find a FemDom vixen for yourself. Some female domination is all about sex and service, and other times FemDom fun is about power, control, and submission. Regardless of what type of FemDom pleasure you are looking for, UnderHerHeel provides the best resources to quickly get you to your ideal Mistress. Check it out.

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