Femdomempire review


When you’re looking for the women that will take control of the scene and tell those dirty boys of theirs what to do, then it’s time for you to head to FEMDOMEMPIRE, and let the domination begin.

Ranked as the most popular FEMDOM site out there, FEMDOMEMPIRE delivers the hot dom action that you’ve been waiting for. With pegging, gimps, and foot worshipping galore, there’s something for everyone at this site. Top notch adult films with the best domination around by the hottest fem doms out there.

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Domination babes that will own their subs in every way possible for your viewing pleasure, I couldn’t get enough of them.

Dom Them Up And Down

Ranked as one of the most popular femdom sites out there, and they’ll crack that whip hard enough to make you see God to prove it. These badass babes are the stellar rock stars of the femdom porn world. Your ass will remember the punishment you just watched another sub get when you next sit down.

When Domination Goes Pro

With over 200 professional femdoms on Femdomempire, they cover the range of babes you’ll want to see dominate men and women. Not to mention, the 106 categories of domination to choose from, with each category have a selection of videos for you to watch. This extremely well curated site really goes the extra mile for everyone interested in seeing powerful fems wielding implements of consensual sexual torture with extreme skill. There are also weekly updates, which keeps all of the content fresh, and that’s much appreciated for any of us that are avid watchers.


  • Over 200 professional fem doms
  • 106 domination categories to choose from
  • Wide selection of over 1000 HD hardcore domination videos
  • All Femdom content

User Benefits

The femdom talent on this site is truly breathtaking, and the fact that there are so many to choose from is such a huge boon. Not only do they have a nice selection of femdoms, but with a 106 categories to choose from and over 1000 HD videos, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of material anytime soon. If you’re specifically looking for femdom porn, then that’s all you find at Femdomempire, so you won’t be bogged down with selections that don’t interest you. This site prides itself on how safe their transactions are, and they stand behind them. If you’re really into women that look incredible in latex, leather, and boots, then there’s an incredible selection waiting for you at Femdomempire.

Drawbacks And Complaints

Though material offered on this site is well curated and well done, there isn’t really anything offered for free. You have to be a member to access all the wonders Femdomempire has to offer. Downloads per day are pretty high at 18 gigs, but they are limited to that. It is strictly a femdom site, which means you won’t find variety outside of their incredible femdom material. Though pretty affordable with their rates, you will want to purchase the extended number of months for you membership to get the better deals.

The Bottom Line

If you’re into femdoms, and really love seeing hot women that know their way around different forms of humiliation and torture, then you need to check this site out.

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