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Listing for Octavia Achten

Octavia Achten

City: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania



Hello my filthy, little, darlings. I see you’ve wandered onto my site, no doubt lured by your deviant desire to be ruined. You have come to the right place. There is nothing I enjoy more than breaking your spirit and revealing the true submissive creature that you are. Perhaps I’ll whip it out of you, perhaps I’ll burn it out, maybe I’ll cane you until you can’t sit on your sore little ass. Whatever method I choose to make you come undone, you can be sure it will be an experience you won’t forget. Although I love a well trained sub who knows his place, my true passion is training. Until you fall to your knees and crawl to me to kiss my boots the instant you are graced with my presence, I am not finished. When I am done, I will be your Goddess. You will be so ruined that you will quiver in my presence, and crawl along behind me like the dog that you are. If I say jump? You will know exactly how high. Interrogation is another of my great loves. I may even choose to dissect you in German. Would you like to learn your limits? Exceed them? I love nothing more than to rip information out of a man. I won’t only mar your pitiful human form, I will leave your soul bare. As the pain and the fear undo your mind, I will be there, coaxing every dirty little secret out of you. I will know your soul more closely than any other. You will be truly vulnerable. Humiliation. Need I say more? It is your natural state to be humiliated. You are nothing but filth on my boot, why not let the world see it? I’ll dress you like the little pussy that you are and use you for my amusement, perhaps my fellow Dommes will grace you with their laughter as you scamper about in skirts. Whatever your pathetic mind can imagine, I can provide. Come to me and take your place at my feet.

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